Imperceptible: The Earth Rings

Poster edition

This the 2nd Acts of Faith festival in la Bisbal took the title of ‘The Earth Rings.

The participating artists were: Brian Catling (UK), Aaron Williamson (UK), Ralf Wendt (DE), Kirsten Norrie (UK), Anet van de Elzen (NL), Peter Baren (NL), Kurt Johannessen (N), Paco Nogales (ES), Asunción & Guasch (CAT), Pep Aymerich (CAT). Josep Masdevall (CAT), Denys Blacker (UK/CAT), Pere Noguera (CAT), Montse Seró (CAT), Nuts Society (TH), Wolf in the Winter (UK/DE/NL), La Maquina del Turing (CAT) and Maria A A (ES).

There were installations made in local shops by Monste Seró (CAT),  Nuria Efe (CAT), Juliette Murphy (UK/CAT) and Jaume Canet (CAT). Ther were projections of videos by Louise Sudell (UK/CAT) and Eloi Maduell (CAT). Images on Billboards by Sarah Simblet and Wauther and Bas (NL). The workshops for young people were directed by: Esther Jaume, (CAT) Anet van de Elzen (NL), Montse Seró (CAT), Nuria Efe (CAT), Elois Maduell (CAT), Nuria VAncells (CAT), Paco Nogales (ES) and Maria A A (ES). Wessel Holleman (NL) cooked an incredible meal for us. We collaborated with Interior Bodega in Barcelona where Kurt Johannessen presented a performance.

On 26 December 2004, a tsunami created destruction on an apocalyptic scale in Southeast Asia. The effects of the wave were devastating and images of the catastrophe were broadcast around the world. At the same time the movement of the earthquake caused other, not so visible effects; the earth began to vibrate all of a sudden and imperceptibly produced a sound, a sound so low that it was not noticeable. A movement in all the earth that made the whole surface oscillate between 20 and 30 cm at the moment of the earthquake and as a consequence caused the earth ring like a bell. Humans did not perceive anything, we didn’t even notice that the earth was spinning a bit faster or that it had moved off its axis by 2.5cm. Animals did notice the vibration, cats begin to yowl, elephants and wild animals  fled the area to escape the water. In the December tsunami, not a single animal died but more than 150,000 human beings lost their lives, victims not only of the water but also of the atrophy of our perception. We have many high-tech instruments working around the clock to measure every variation and every movement of the earth, but we ourselves have not given importance to developing our sensitivity and being able to understand the signals in our environment.

Performance gallery

Brian Catling

Aaron Williamson

Denys Blacker

Kirsten Norrie

Pep Aymerich

Anet van de Elzen

Montse Seró

Pere Noguerea

Josep Masdevall

Maria A A

Asunción & Guasch

Ralf Wendt

Peter Baren

Nuts Society

Kurt Johannessen

La Maquina de Turing

Wolf in the Winter

Paco Nogales

Kurt Johannessen at Interior Bodega Barcelona


Anet van de Elzen

Ester Jaume

Montse Seró

Nuria Efe

Paco Nogales

Eloi Maduell


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