SYNC is an editorial project, publishing artist’s catalogues that feature the artists from the collectives associated with Gresol: FEM, Ocells al Cap, Corpologia.

The aim of the project is to document and value the careers of a group of professional performance artists who have not been represented in the more conventional art circuits, partly because of their refusal to adapt to institutional politics and also because of the ephemeral, experimental and unpredictable nature of their works. This is a mutual collaboration and the artists in the Gresol community support the selected artist and receive support from the other members when selected. We join forces to be able to take a critical and loving look at the artistic practice of each person and to accompany them in the development of their projects in the best possible way. A working group will be organised made up of the artists of the group, invited academics and other interested people to create the contents of the publication. Each publication (in both paper and digital format) will graphically and textually compile the selected artist’s interdisciplinary trajectory through both academic and testimonial texts.

Each project begins with an audiovisual presentation of the selected artist’s work which is open to the public.

The selected artist is also invited to make a new performance work in their chosen location.

We will also commission a photographic composition of their work to be made into a limited edition print.

At present we are working on the first edition, dedicated to the life and work of the artist and our dear friend Lesley Yendell that we hope will be available in the Spring of 2021.