FEM is a unique international performance art event dedicated to showcasing work by women performance artists. Since its beginnings, the festival has consistently offered women artists the opportunity to create and show new works of performance in a supportive environment and enabled them to share their practice with others in the workshops and theory programmes.

FEM began in 2004 when Denys Blacker and the Dutch artist Anet Van de Elzen collaborated to organise an event on International Women’s Day in the town of  la Bisbal d’Empordà. It is traditional in la Bisbal for the women to meet on this day, the 8th of March to celebrate together and the festival was a way to contribute to the activities that were being organized that year.  Seven artists were invited to come and present a performance work in the medieval castle in the town centre. The performances were made simultaneously and the public could mover freely through the spaces during the evening to see the works.

FEM has been held annually since then and has changed and adapted to the times. Currently it is run as an independent artists investigative residency in which artists are invited to live and work together for the duration of the meeting and to participate and contribute to a variety of research questions around the theme of interconnection and intercommunication.