Lesley Yendell

Presentation of her work

Lesley Yendell is the first artist to be selected for your SYNC editorial project that intends to publish  a series of complete catalogues of Gresol artists works. Lesley began this process with a public presentation of her work given at can Obert on the 22nd August 2019.

The performance ‘Storm Pulse’ was presented on the 29th November 2019  at la Bonne (Barcelona) and was followed by a public conversation with the academic Laura Mercader as part of the programme Cara a Cara (Face to Face).  Lesley then had a recorded conversation about her work with 4 artists selected by her; Denys Blacker, Juliette Murphy, Mireia Zantop and Marta Vergonyós. Lesley was later interviewed again in her studio in Penedes by Laura Mercader on the  4th September 2020, shortly before she died. The publication is currently being edited by Gresol and we hope to publish it in the late Spring 2020.

Performance Storm Pulse
Temporal Pulse, Storm Dust

Storm Pulse was commissioned by Gresol for FEM 2019 and supported by la Bonne (Barcelona). The work took place in the patio of la Bonne on the night of 23rd November 2019. The installation was built and taken down with the help of Lesley’s husband Rotnip and the group Ocells al Cap.

Ocells al Cap also participated in the performance. This was filmed by Maia Castelló.

‘While preparing this piece I had thought about the great rivers, competition over the water resources, climate change, water wars and drought. I considered the waterfall, the ocean, the river and their various interpretations in the psyche. External and internal at the same time Storm Pulse became a vivid metaphor.’

Lesley Yendell, 2020.