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This was the thirteenth edition of FEM and the artists who participated in the FEM residency were: Denys Blacker (GB/CAT), Anita Ponton (GB), Anet van de Elzen (NL), Montse Seró (CAT), Mireia Zantop (CAT), Lesley Yendell (GB/CAT), Ada Vilaró (CAT), Sabina Vilagut (CAT), Marta Vergonyós (CAT), Piròmana d’Argos (CAT), Martine Viale (CAN/FR), Natàlia Espinet (CAT), Holly Slingsby (GB), Clara Garí (CAT), Pa’ma Torrents (CAT), Mar Serinyà (CAT), Ayako Zushi (JP/CAT), Graciela Contreras (ES), Melina Peña (MEX/CAT), Paloma Orts (CAT) and Juliette Murphy (GB/CAT). Holly Slingsby and Martine Viale were artists in resident at Bòlit and they also performed at la Mercè Cultural Centre together with Piròmana d’Argos. There was a public performance in Bòlit_La Carbonera at the end of the residency.

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03/12/16 / Group Performance at Can Obert (Girona)

01/12/16 / Group Performance at Gola del Ter (Girona)

15/12/16 / Holly Slingsby at Bòlit (Girona)

28/01/16 / Martine Viale at Bòlit (Girona)

28/01/16 / Piròmana d'Argos at Bòlit (Girona)

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