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FEM is an international festival of performance showcasing the work of women artists. In 2015 the artists who participated in the FEM residency were: Natàlia Espinet (CAT), Denys Blacker (GB), Fina Miralles (CAT),  Holly Slingsby (GB), Marta Vergonyós (CAT), Nora Tinholt (NL), Ada Vilaró (CAT), Juliette Murphy (GB/CAT) Mireia Zantop (CAT), Clara Garí (CAT), Anita Ponton (GB), Harriet Plewis (GB), Anet Van de Elzen (NL), Lesley Yendell (GB/CAT), Mar Serinyà (CAT), Núria Iglesias (CAT), Helena Hunter (GB) and Sandra Johnston (NIR).The residency finalized with a public performance and a workshop at la Bonne (Barcelona). Concha Jerez (ES), gave a public performance in collaboration with Bòlit Contemporary Art Centre (Girona).

Two male artists were invited to FEM as part of our programme to show long-term mixed gender collaborations and they took part in a shared residency in collaboration with Bòlit Contemporary Art Centre in Girona. Mark Peter Wright collaborated with Helena Hunter and Alastair Maclennan collaborated with Sandra Johnston.

Performance gallery

20/11/15 FEM residency artists at la Gola del Ter (Girona)

28/11/15 Cicle Art d'Acció - FEM residency artists at Bòlit (Girona)

30/01/16 S Johnston & A Maclennan at Bòlit (Girona)

14/11/15 Natàlia Espinet, Cicle d'Art d'Acció at Bòlit (Girona)

28/11/15 Denys Blacker, Cicle Art d'Acció at Bòlit (Girona)

21/11/15 Concha Jerez, Cicle d'Art d'Acció at Bòlit (Girona)

19/12/15 H Hunter & M P Wright at Bòlit (Girona)

26/11/15 FEM artists Workshop, Cara a Cara at la Bonne (Barcelona)

26/11/15 FEM artists performance, Cara a Cara at la Bonne (Barcelona)

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