Founded in 2011 in Girona, CORPOLOGIA is an independent and free meeting of people, open to anyone to present works, thoughts, ideas, concerns, opinions, in short, any form of expression based on presence and action. The format of the works is open with a maximum time limit of between 5 and 10 minutes according to the number of participants. CORPOLOGIA is open to proposals from creators from all disciplines, although works must be lo-tech and each person must bring everything they need.

From 2011 to 2016 the group met every 2 months with  a total of 25 editions. As of 2015, the group meets less regularly in the <25 editions organised by Susanna Pruna and Toni Crabb. After each meeting, anyone who has been present can contribute to the CORPOLOGIA magazine with texts and / or images of their opinions, ideas and reactions. The magazine is published in paper and digital form.

In these fragile times and between disasters and crises CORPOLOGIA searches for new performative formations, relationships and synergies based on human values, altruism and creativity as antidotes to the materialism, economic uncertainty and social anxiety that surrounds us.

Interviews from Corpologia 2012 & 2014 at the Antic Teatre Barcelona

Corpologia Magazines