Theta Group Brainstorming

A group brainstorming was organised by Gresol at la Bonne on the 23rd July 2012 to discuss how the performance art events might be produced at la Bonne and to organise regular meetings for artists, academics and others interested in performance art.

The participants were: Desiré Rodrigo, Esther G. Mecías, Maria Cosmes, Ayako Zushi, Ana Maeso, Melissa Caminha, Imma Colomer, Linda Valdés, Leticia García, Montse Seró, Noa Reshef, Denys Blacker, Almudena Manzanal, Ana Bohigas, Judit Vidiella, Silvia Antolin, Marta Vergonyós, Carolina Bonfim.

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FEM_12 at la Bonne