2014 Birds: Performance and Presentation at Antoni Tàpies Foundation

Poster edition

A collaboration between la Bonne, Gresol and the Antoni Tàpies Foundation.

On the occasion of the exhibition at the Tàpies Foundation about the American performance artist Allan Kaprow, artists were invited to recreate the work Birds for the exhibition. Marta Vergonyós and Denys Blacker were invited by the Fundació Antoni Tàpies (Barcelona) and the Women’s Cultural Centre la Bonne (Barcelona) to make a performance for the exhibition about Allan Kaprow’s work called ‘Otras Maneras‘ curated by Soledad Gutiérrez. They invited a group of women artists to make a reinvention of Allan Kaprow’s work ‘The Birds’, renaming it ‘Birds in the Head’. The participating artists were: Denys Blacker, Mar Serinyá, Marta Vergonyós, Mireia Zantop, Ada Vilaró, Natàlia Espinet, Clara Garí, Paloma Orts, Montse Seró, Nuria Iglesias, Nina Orteu, Lesley Yendell and Sue Blacker. This took place on the 19th May 2014 and the presentation and group sharing at the Tàpies Foundation (Barcelona) was on the 27th May 2014.

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