Vlasta Delimar (Zagreb, 1956  is the most significant Croatian performer, uncompromising in criticism of society. In 1986 she received the Seven Secretary of the Young Communist League of Yugoslavia Award (Nagrada Sedam sekretara SKOJ-a). From 2005 to 2015 she was the head of the artistic organisation My Country Štaglinec and of the performance program of the festival held in Štaglinec near Koprivnica. She is the key figure in the portrayal of performance through the prism of her own body and the content of the female, the naked body, which in today’s society is still subject to controversy. Through her work, she explores femininity, male-female relationships and life cycles from youth and longing through partnership and motherhood to ageing. She introduces autobiographical narratives into the public space, questioning the demarcation of public and private and the norms of identity politics.

She emphasizes that she does not support the identification or affiliation of any ideology, religion, political party or state, and that she advocates for human rights, individual freedom, respect for diversity and environmental awareness.


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