Siobhan Mullen

Siobhán Mullen (Belfast, N Ireland) is a visual artist, born in Belfast, N. Ireland, 1972. Her interdisciplinary practice spans performance, experimental video/sound work and sculpture. Active since the mid 90’s, she has shown her work at International festivals throughout the UK, Europe, North/South America and New Zealand. In her live performative work she uses conscious and unconscious actions through her body/practice to consider the authenticity and instability of given moments in live time using the body as a lived but also constructed, fluid site of dwelling, risk and vulnerability. Recent thoughts reflect on the junctures of motherhood, feminism and disability. Early performance works in the 90’s often inhabited private spaces for durational 24hr periods, undocumented and to no physical audience, often working with only the raw materials of changing light conditions, breath and air. In the last year she has extended her practice to energy sources, working with the magnetic field. She has worked as a part-time film studies lecturer at Queens University, Belfast and her experimental video work has been shown in collaboration with leading musicians in the field of new and contemporary music. Actively involved with Bbeyond, since it’s early projects she has also Chaired and Co-Chaired the organisation in recent years.

“It’s in our everyday gestures that we direct attention to the question of, how do we breathe freely? Possibly this can be our most political act.”

Photo: The Resistance of Air| Venice Live 2017  | Photo Rainer Pagel 


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