Roxana Popelka (Gijón, Asturias, 1966) holds a Phd from the University of Oviedo and a degree in Political Science and Sociology. She teaches at the Faculty of Information Sciences in the Complutense University in Madrid.

VIDEO, SHORT FILM, DOCUMENTARY & INTERDISCIPLINARY WORKS. // 2005>> El Aparcamiento. Short film directed with Konchi Rodríguez. 1st Prize Day of Asturias. Gijón Cinema Festival. // 2006>> La Terapia. Short film directed with K. Rodríguez. Selected for  Day of Asturias Prize, Gijón Cinema Festival, and selected in the festival of independent cinema in Canada. // 2007>> Otras asignaturas pendientes. Video-performance with P. Murciego. // 2009>> 38 Toneladas. Experimental documentary directed with Pepe Murciego, Mercedes Comendador and Esther Catoira. Made with the grant ‘Artistic Creation Prizes in Madrid 2008. // 2018 Grant for creation from the Council of Madrid. Short film CAPAS made with Celia Dosal. From 2014>> Popelka forms part of the interdisciplinary artists collective OFFMOTHERS, which has received numerous grants and residencies including the Museo Barjola Prize, Gijón, 2019.

PERFORMANCE, LIVE ART & CONTEMPORARY THEATRE. // 2006>> La Noche Blanca. Plaza Pública. Conde Duque. Madrid. // Adiós Pluto! y LoveBoat.  Jamón-Kinkkua Project. CBA. Madrid. // Un largo día finlandés,  Jamón-Kinkkua Proyect. Galería Muu. Helsinki; almost all with Pepe Murciego. // 2007>> Contenedores 07. Sevilla.// Mirador 07.  Intermediae-Matadero. Madrid. // Nace Pasa Desemboca. XIV Bienal de Vila Nova de Cerveira, Portugal; all made with P. Murciego. // 2008>> ¿Dónde has estado? Photo-performance with P. Murciego for the magazine La Más Bella DE PEGA. // Voy a depilarme antes de entrar en internet. Arrebato Libros, Madrid. // No esperes más de mí, with Murciego. Centro Cultural de España.  Santiago de Chile. // 2009>> Trabajando alrededor del topo, with María Salgado. Nits d’Aielo i Art. Instituto Francés. Valencia. // 2012>> HOY, together with Belén Cueto and Pepe Murciego, Matadero Madrid y Kubik Fabrik (Madrid), with a grant from the Programa de Producción Artística Matadero Madrid 2011.

INDIVIDUAL EXHIBITIONS // 2000>> Galería Catarsis. Madrid. // C.C. Alhadros. Ibiza. // Galería Amador de los Ríos. Madrid. // 2001>> Sala Exposiciones Biblioteca Asturias, Oviedo. // 2002>> C.C. Avilés. Asturias. // And many other individual and collective shows.

PRIZES AND GRANTS // 1999>> Salón Internacional Artes Plásticas. Barcelona. // 2001>> Selected VII Mostra Unión Fenosa. La Coruña. // 2002>> Selected Bienal del Mar. Avilés.  Asturias. // 2005>> 1st Prize for Photography from the Council in Avilés. Asturias. // 1st Prize Día de Asturias, Gijón Cinema Festival, the short film El Aparcamiento, with K. Rodríguez. // 2008>> Prize for Artistic Creation from the Comunity of Madrid, experimental documentary 38 Toneladas, directed together with P. Murciego, Mercedes Comendador and Esther Catoira. // 2011>> Artistic Production grant from the Matadero Madrid, contemporary theatre project. HOY, together with Belén Cueto y P. Murciego. // 2017>> Grant for artistic Creation from the Council of Madrid, short documentary film Capas, directed together with Celia Dosal Carabias. //2019>> With the collective Offmothers, receives the prize Museo Barjola, Gijón, Asturias.

BOOKS AND PUBLICATIONS. Popelka has published the poetry books: Ciudad del Norte (1989), Simplemente nada común (1991) and the anthology Cumpleaños feliz (2010) that brings together poems from 1989-2009 as well as  33PPM (2017); and the short sories: Tortugas acuáticas (2006), Tan lejos de Dios (2014) and the novels Todo es mentira en las películas (2009) and Preparados, listos, ya (2017). Her poems y short stories have been published in numerous anthologies and magazines.

Since 2014, she has also formed part of the interdisciplinary group Offmothers made up of six artists, six mothers who carry out artistic projects related to different representations and experiences of motherhood.

Photographer: Lara Alcázar.




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