Piròmana d'Argos

Piròmana d’Argos (Núria Iglesias Rodríguez / 1986), is a transdisciplinary artist, who develops her work as a ‘speleologist of the subcutaneous caverns and muscular poet’; the body and its rhythmic emanation become the backbone of the creative processes through which she transits. She increasingly focuses on the search for the body as a channel and by means of this phenomenon she reaches the ductility of transversal poetics; every process carried out so far is based on the inner exploration of the symbolic universe that unfolds as a reflection of the outside world. Her research focuses on the plasticity of memory, imagination or the temporal quality of different states of consciousness. She explores and concretizes these fields of attention by means of poetry, performance, audiovisual, plastic arts, sound art, collage or animation and from a place where the limits between these languages are diluted. Her practice is linked to the territory where it is practiced and to the people who inhabit or pass through it. She thas ravelled to New York, Singapore, Italy and Greece and developed other projects in Susqueda – her native land – and Cap de Creus.

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