Pep Aymerich

Pep Aymerich (Girona, 1962) began working in the art world during the 80’s at the Fita Art Studio in Girona and continued as a self-taught artist, experimenting with different artistic disciplines such as performance, video art, sculpture, public sculpture. , installation, land-art and scenography.
The continuous search for spiritual knowledge by human beings, results in an introspective imprint that is common throughout his work and career. His deep knowledge of materials such as wood, wax and stone give him the authority to put them at the service of the creation of the work. In all his creations there is a deep need for transcendence and a constant questioning of man’s conflict in the face of the fragility of his existence.
Since 1986 he has performed in Girona, Barcelona, ​​Madrid, France and London. He has also held several solo and group exhibitions and, in recent years, has been working on the shared project “The Self and the Other”. He has also built the sets for different theater and dance companies (Mal Pelo). He is currently developing “Cadira (Chair)”, a project that fuses art and craft and also “The Place? Of being us ”, a scenic action using life-size exact replicas of his body and of his daughter’s body in the form of articulated marionettes made from wood.

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