Paloma Orts

Paloma Orts Pascual (Alcoi, 1990). At 6 years old, she began studying classical music and at 18 years old she passed her music grade 8 exams. She went on to study Fine Art Painting at UAL (London) and later in the U.H. (Altea) and in the U.B. (Barcelona). Studying in London she was exposed to conceptual art and she began making action paintings which led her to make performance art and video. In Barcelona, she began to investigate archive art, moving between action art and the archival documentation of everyday actions. Her tutor and curator in Barcelona University, Assumpta Bassas introduced her to the work of collective art groups such as FEM (Girona), HER (Róterdam), Perforamar (Barcelona) and this led her to investigate group works. At the same time, her individual work is shown in Festivals such as La Muga Caula (Figueras) with “Mareta”, “Month of Performance arte” (Berlin), Bubble and “22Cubic” (Hospitalet de Llobregat), “Habitando Caminos”, Corporea (México) “A cuetas”, etc. Moved by the similarity between ritualistic practices and live art, she travelled to the Andes in Perú, learning about ancient medicinal practices, and this would  move her to a deeper visualization of the waters of the unconscious and the need to develop collective works of community ritual. Thanks to this work she created “XIII”, a community performance in which 13 women performed the transit between life and death. This piece premiered in the valleys of her native land and later at the IVAM-CADA in Alcoy, being selected and awarded by the 2020 Biennial of Women in the Visual Arts (MAV).

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