Ona Mestre

Ona Mestre (Barcelona) is a choreographer and dance-theatre teacher. Her relationship with dance has always been based on the research of an inner consciousness and the flow of creativity. She studied the Fedora Aberastury method, Conscious System for Movement Technique, with Yiya Diaz and Julia Comesaña. Various studies of contemporary dance and theatre. Katsugen and Yuki, voice-body with Sjabbe Van Selfout. Travels to Africa with grants from the Generalitat de Catalunya for dance and African culture studies. Research in the sensorial field of energy perception, the sound of quartz and Tibetan singing bowls and the vibration of the voice. With Laura Vilar, she created the Grup de Treball for the creation of solos and duets. With Pablo Arias, musician, she organises dance-improvisation Jams. Dance classes at nunArt Guinardó. Social dance workshops with the association Cuida la Vida! Performs with visual artists and artists from the experimental world with a diversity of languages.

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