Ocells al Cap

Ocells al Cap (Birds in the Head) is an international group of artists who practice performance based on the development of different collective forms of communication. Made up of artists from different disciplines, they come together to work and develop techniques of deep listening with all senses, including those that could reach beyond the body and include the possibility of accessing information from others or from the environment, such as synchronicity or telepathy.
The group of women performance artists was created in 2014 as part of the collective action ‘Birds’, held in Les Gavarres, as part of the exhibition ‘Altres maneres. Allan Kaprow’ at the Fundació Antoni Tàpies. They have participated in different performance events such as: Escena Poble Nou (Barcelona), University of Northumbria (Newcastle, UK), and Bòlit Contemporary Art Centre (Girona) among others.
The artists who are, and have been, part of this collective project are: Mireia Zantop, Natàlia Espinet, Juliette Murphy, Montse Seró, Marta Vergonyós, Denys Blacker,  Mar Serinyà, Marina Barsy, Martine Viale, Isa Fontbona, Fina Miralles, Martine Viale, Paloma Orts, Melina Peña, Ada Vilaró, Sandra Johnston, Anna Subirana, Helen Collard, Sabina Vilagut, Anet van de Elzen, among others. The British artist Lesley Yendell, who lived in the Penedès, was also an important member of the group from its beginnings until her death in 2020.



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