Noa Reshef is a performance artist and a costume designer. Her work deals with relationships and communication, intimacy and seduction. It examines clichés, behavior cods and conventional signs, and the expectations, the misunderstanding and the confusion they may create. The costumes she designs have an important role in her work. In many cases they define the movements and actions during the performance, and are essential to the creation of the image and the deconstruction of the clichés. She searches for options of relationships with her audience, and sometimes put the viewer in situations that force him to make decisions that affect the work. Alongside her stage performances she has few ongoing projects of an investigative character that based on individual interactions with one person at a time. She is interested in different kinds of encounters and clashes, between the artist and her viewers/audience/partners, between the body and the costume, and between reality and fantasy. Her works examine those meeting points, trying to create new options of encounters. Her work was presented internationally in festivals and venues like Préavis de désordre Urbain (Marseille), EPAF (warsaw), Kuntfest festival (Weimar), Dance Triennale (Tokio), Red Dawns (Ljublijana), Antic Teatre (Barcelona), Espacio Concept (Milan), VDance Festival (Tel Aviv), JIAAP (Seville), Stratlepa (Riga), Habait theatre (Tel Aviv) among others.


Quick glimpse on a bank robbery (essay by Guy Hugler):






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