Nieves Correa (Madrid, 1960) Correa holds a degree in Art History and was also taught by the artists Concha Jeréz, Isidoro Valcarcel Medina and Antoni Muntadas, among others. She began her career in Performance Art and Live Art in the 1980s, and since then has participated in festivals and meetings, mainly in Europe, but also in Canada, Ecuador, Argentina, Uruguay and Japan.

“My performances are always related to the space in which they take place. I like to explore and exploit the physical and / or symbolic possibilities of the place where I work; and the space helps me to shape the formal structure of my proposals. It is possible that a material, a situation or an obsession triggers a process, and from that first approach I construct the performance from a formal perspective, analyzing time, space, my presence, the audience, the material …!” 

Her work in other mediums is always nourished by her own performances or has a “performative process” as a starting point, in which the body, space and time are present. In most of her work she uses photography in relation to her body, a sentient, fragmented body that is in dialogue with the elements and materials that she has used and that have been modified in her live works.

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