Natàlia Espinet

Natàlia Espinet i Vallès (Barcelona 1962) Over the last years, she has developed her creative research around dance, words, intimate collections and live art; alone and in collaboration with other artists and communities. She has worked as a director, manager, coordinator, pedagogue, etc. in dance, movement and creation, particularly within the framework of the Association La Perla per la Dansa in the county of Girona as well as in international projects. She was Director of the Municipal Dance School of Celrà (2001-2010) and holds a Degree in Contemporary Dance from l’Institut del Teatre de Barcelona (1984).

‘The use of my body as the primary reality of intimate experience and in relationship with the world, is the vertebra of my practice. I began this journey in dance, and during the course of my trajectory I have included other artistic vocabularies from everyday life – in a border space that is elastic and open to change – which have allowed me to investigate and to rethink ideas of format and language. Cultural activism and pedagogy are also an important part of my life. All these experiences have affirmed to me, that if we can make the tools and the disciplines of creativity available to everyone, as a source and  as a method, it can effect personal and social interaction and development in deep and positive ways.’

Some recent projects: Lonely (2019-20), Within the Circle, in different versions and formats at Art Festival Gavarres, Quart and Girona / Papyrus, Celrà and Girona / La Terra i la Dona, Rupià- Baix Empordà and Quart-Girona (2015-19) / Rumbrejar, in different versions and formats from residencies and presentations, among others in: FEM (Girona-Madremanya), l’Animal a l’Esquena (Celrà), The Ateneu de Celrà (Girona),La  Poderosa, La Caldera (Barcelona), La Muga Caula (Les Escaules-Alt Empordà).

Collective: Ocells al Cap group of women in research. Activities, residencies and presentations: L’Animal a l’Esquena, Celrà / FEM, Madremanya / FLARE 3, Northumbria University, Newcastle, UK / Francesca Bonnemaison Center, Barcelona / Escena Poble Nou, Barcelona. FEM Festival International meeting of women performance artists in Madremanya, Girona &  Barcelona / Corpologia, Gresolart Association in spaces or festivals such as La Muga Caula, Ateneu de Celrà, Nau Còclea- Camallera and the Antic Teatre, Barcelona.



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