Martine Viale (Canada) is an action art artist. Her work, contextual and site-specific is anchored in a
practice of presence. Working regularly in the public space and unusual locations that can
facilitate unpredictable encounters with passers-by, she seeks to create an open space in which
daily interactions have the potential to become part of the art’s strategies. Trying to underline
the artistic possibilities hidden in the ordinary, she develops ephemeral and subtle situations
that reflect on interval spaces.
Everything related to territory, borders and displaced spaces is of particular interest to her.
Born in Montreal, Canada, Martine Viale lives and works in Perpignan, France. Since 1999, her
work has been presented in several festivals, galeries and site-specific contexts across Canada
and internationally, notably in Brazil, Israel, Poland, Cyprus, the United-States, Brittany, France,
Belgium, Serbia, the Philippines, Japan, Scotland, Spain, Ukraine and Denmark.
She has also given several performance art workshops in Montreal (Studio 303; La Centrale
galerie powerhouse), Chicago (Defibrillator Performance Art Gallery) as well as in France (Frac
Lorraine, Metz; Le Quartz scène nationale de Brest), Belgium (La Cambre, Brussels), Ukraine
(School of Performance, Lviv) and Spain (Acción!Mad18, Madrid).

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