Marta Darder

Marta Darder (Barcelona, 1963) is a ‘poetArtista’. She holds a PhD and a Degree in Classical Philology, a Degree in Fine Arts (Sculpture) and a diploma in sculpture at the School of Arts and Crafts. She is passionate about semantics and is obsessed with freedom of action. Management, activism and cultural agitation are another manifestation of the conceptual areas of the work. The route, the spaces between, the traffic are the goal. Fighting for personal and collective freedom and opening up other avenues of relationship are some of the focuses of work. Living in the hybridization between visual and textual arts, the work arises according to the intrinsic needs of each project: curatorships, painting, sculpture, installations and interventions, action, live art, visual poetry, texts, video poetry, collaborative interventions, textbooks and books.


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