Marina Oroza

The poet and writer Marina Oroza is also an actress and performer. She has a degree in Teaching from the University of Barcelona (1983). With a career as a professional actress, both in theatre and in TV and cinema. She has worked as an actress for Bigas Luna, Juan Antonio Bardem, Jaime de Armiñan, Jean Claude Bastos, Ramon Colomina, Carmelo Espinosa, Albert Vidal and Orestes Lara. She has also found a place on the margins of the Contemporary Art context with her work as a performance artist.

Her poetic work acquires its full dimension live. She has participated in poetry and performance events and festivals in theatres, universities, foundations and museums internationally. She has stood out in a particularly relevant way with performances such as “Disección Poética en Público I, II, II, III, IV y V” and “La chimenea de Duchamp”.

She has participated with her live work in The Americas Poetry Festival of New York 2015, in “X Jornadas Poéticas de ACEC” in the Ateneu Barcelonés (2014), in the Festival Bouesia Deltebre, Tarragona (2013), in the Museo Espai d’Art Contemporani de Castelló (2011), in the Festival Internacional de Poesía de Barcelona in the Palau de la Musica (2008), in the Semana de las letras en Español, Instituto Cervantes de Dublin (Ireland 2009), at the Festival Dizonante in La Guarda, Portugal (2006), at the Museo de Arte Contemporáneo Esteban Vicente de Segovia (2006), at the Festival Escena Contemporánea de Madrid (2006), at the Festival Cosmopoética Córdoba (2006), at the Festival 2005 poetas por km de Madrid (2005) and at numerous events of the group of performers Corpología, among others.

During her career she has created a personal method for public speaking “Pánico Escénico Stage Fright – The Art of Public Speaking”. She teaches classes and gives advice on this personal method to professionals such as lawyers, teachers, politicians, public opposition candidates and anyone who does not know how or has problems in making their oral presentations.

She has published the poetry collections Pulso de Vientos (Ketres Editora 1997), Así quiero morir un día (Editorial Huerga y Fierro 2005), La Chimenea de Duchamp (Ardora Editora Editora 2013) and Esto es real (Amargord Editorial 2016). She released a CD, Mirabilia (2004, her poems set to music by Gemma Hassen-Bey) and a DVD of the performance Disección poética en público III, recorded at the Festival Escena Contemporánea Madrid 2006, and produced by Javier Marquerie. With the musician and composer Marc Egea, she has produced two series of eleven short pieces with her poetic work for various programmes on the radio station El Estado Mental, directed by Borja Casani and based in Madrid. Part of her poetic work can be found in various anthologies such as “Multilingual Anthology-The Americas Poetry Festival of New York 2015” (artepoética press) Poetas en Blanco y Negro, by Amalia Iglesias (Abada Editores), “Hilanderas II” (Amargord Ediciones) “La Voz y la Escritura” (Sial Ediciones), among others, and in literary magazines such as “Revista de Occidente”, “Sibila”, “La alegría de los naufragios”, “Salamandria”, among others.

As for her prose work, she has published articles in the press. She has two books pending publication, a series of children’s stories entitled “Los domadores y el miedo” (2015) and a first novel entitled “Mañana nací” (2016).

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