Marina Barsy Janer

Independent artist, researcher and curator. She was trained in the practice, management, history and theory of performance art. She holds an MA in Latin American Art Curation and a PhD in Art History and Theory from the University of Essex. She is the director of the nomadic art production and radical pedagogy space MATERIC.ORG and curator of MAR DE ISLAS, Caribbean performance meeting. Her work has been presented in different territories in the Americas, Europe and Asia. Since 2015 she has been carrying out an art-life project with Isil Sol Vil based on a philosophy of subversive love x extreme care.

By considering our relationships and our ‘Being in the world’ as inter-subjective and inter-body, her work explores the soma-politics of the encounter, orchestrating alternative spaces of tension and negotiation. Among the attempts to decolonize the body-geography, she uses forms of ‘aesthetic activism’ that explore the relational; intrinsic and systemic fear; the legal implications of the bodies; modes of resistance and belonging; and the roles and masks of the patriarchy.

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