Maria Cosmes is a graduate in Cultural Anthropology. Performer and visual artist. She articulates her artistic work around the symbolic constrictions that shape our identity in relation to others and the possible way to subvert them, being the substratum of the work the interweaving between social sciences and performative-performatical experimentation. She also works around the concept of narrative.


“My performances are a perpetual attempt to construct myself as a person. This construction is always a social construction. I cannot construct myself without others. In every action it is necessary someone to be present who is not me, others who are the public, who are participants in the action, who are in opposition to me, but who at the same time complement me and give me feedback. In my artistic work I consider how to approach this other. This always means, to a greater or lesser extent, suffering: a  fear of rejection, a fear of not meeting, a fear of the emptiness of not meeting the other, or the emptiness that follows a too intense encounter when that contact disappears.”

Image: El Teixidor. Photographer: Carlos Pina

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