Lucía Peiró Lloret

Lucía Peiró (Benigànim 1967) is an interdisciplinary artist who has been using performance, visual graphics, installations, objects and sound in her work since the 1990s. She is currently a member of the Association Art D’ with whom she manages and coordinates the Art D’ Performance programme at the CCCC in Valencia. Her interest in the pedagogical side of performance art led her to start a project with secondary and high school art teachers which is supported by the Consellería de Educación and the Consorcio de Museos and continues under the title of  Pedagogical Missions or For Supreme Innocence. Her performative work has been shown in meetings, festivals, art centres, museums and art galleries in Spain as well as in other countries in Europe, Argentina, Canada and the USA.
“I am often asked if my work is a denunciation of the situation of women, if my actions are feminist. I always answer that I work with what attracts me, with food, with everyday situations, with children’s games. With the sounds they generate. And also that yes, I am a woman. I can’t help it.


Image: Lucia Peiró. Photographer: Consuelo Chambó.



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