Koke Vega (Spain) is a multidisciplinary artist. A graduate in Fine Arts, her work as a performer is always a cocktail that includes the same ingredients in different proportions: Theatre, poetry, plastic art and estrangement. She is a promoter of experimental art and action poetry in Extremadura, and has organised events such as Pleno Extraordinario (Spanish-Portuguese experimental poetry conference, in which twenty action artists occupied the Hemicycle of the Assembly of Extremadura for two days) and INFLUXUS I and II (video action and video creation workshop-meeting at the Vostell Malpartida Museum).

She is the editor of the DVD publication LABOLSA: REVISTA DE ACCIONES Y VIDEOCREACIÓN, which brings together video actions and experimental videos by artists from all over the world. She directs and teaches the LABOLSA intensive video action workshops, which combine training and artistic collaboration.


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