Jessie Kleemann

Jessie Kleemann (Upernavik, Greenland, 1959) Performance artist and poet. She was trained as a printmaker in Nuuk at the former Grafisk Værksted now known as the Art School in Nuuk and as well as an actress at the Tuukaq Theatre in Denmark. She has created video works, installations and live performances as well as working in traditional theatre productions in Greenland. From 1984-1991 she was the Head of the Art school in Nuuk.  Alongside the poetry and literature festivals she has participated in as a poet, she has also worked with the international performance group The Wolf in the Winter. In 2012 an artist monography was published Jessie Kleemann – Qivittoq. In her artistic performance practices she explores the different discourse of ethnocentrisms marked on the Greenlandic Inuk woman from within but also as a myth, the postcolonial gaze and deconstruction of internalized and pre-owned cultural items.

Image: Jessie Kleemann. Photographer: Kulturmødet Mors

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