Isa Fontbona

Researcher, natural bodybuilder competitor, and a performance artist. Fontbona holds two Bachelor’s Degrees, in Philosophy and Art History, as well as a Master’s Degree in Humanity Research at the University of Girona, Spain. Currently, she is completing her dissertation on the artistic and gendered interventions enabled by female and trans bodybuilding practices. This project, more than a research, brought her to introduce herself to the performance art sphere.

Her artistic work merges different approaches into the same coin: her research and her sports career. She explores the malleability of the body through her own skin, using bodybuilding as a tool. Through this corporeal practice, she questions the binary categorization regarding gender distinction, and the social pressure exerted on the expectations of the bodies. In some of her artworks, she challenges herself to the limits of the endurance of her body. Since 2018 Fontbona started to experiment through other different corporeal languages on her skin such as Physical Theatre (Compañía de Investigación Teatral Transdisciplinaria. Samuel Nuñez) and Contemporary Dance (La Central Company: Impàs).

Fontbona is involved with the Gresol Art Association (since 2019), and also with the international group Ocells al Cap (Birds in the Head) (since 2020).

Photo title: Corporeal Turbulences. Between Absurdity and Resistance



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