Frances Mezzetti

Frances Mezzetti is a Dublin (Ireland) based visual artist.  She works in live art, video and sound, with performances nationally and internationally. At present she is exploring connections through technological inter – actions in various groups. Her work is mostly collaborative, choosing to develop projects in relationships with others, exploring place and context. Her interest is in early childhood and the way these experiences shape and develop patterns, physically held in the body, and become the form for communication and understanding in wider social relationships.   Moving in Nature opens up for her, probabilities and possibilities. She is interested in the images that are created by our structure, read, observed, developed, mirrored and changed in the process. The collaborative project with Pauline Cummins, on women performing masculinity in public space – Walking in the Way – is ongoing.  Another project on women and place with artist Joyce Garvey, focuses on Lucia Joyce, and her contribution on contemporary dance within the system of prioritising the male artist.

Image: Labour, Walking in the Way, Dublin 2020. Photographer: M Holly

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