Through performance, installation, film and photography my work explores the poetic interweaving and inter-relationship between sense of self, body and environment.
The maternal as a way of being in the world and in relation to art making is at the heart of my long-term explorations and collaboration with artist Zoë Gingell: the ‘Mothersuckers Project’.
Since 1999 I have performed
 widely both in the UK and Europe also exhibiting prints of my performances. In 2010 a video of my collected works was shown at ‘The Fractured Body: The House as Body’, an event hosted by Mobile Studio as part of the Surreal House exhibition at the Barbican Art Gallery, London. In 2018 Mothersuckers Project presented the Maternal Attitudes Symposium, in partnership with University of South Wales & Made Gallery.
Photograph: HouseMADE, Climbing Hallway 2016


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