Eva Marichalar-Freixa (Manlleu, 1973) is dedicated to education and the arts from a multidisciplinary perspective. Since 2003 she has been a lecturer in the Department of Didactics of Arts and Sciences in the Faculty of Education, Translation and Human Sciences at the Universitat de Vic-Universitat Central de Catalunya, where she also works as artistic director of the Aula de Teatre. In 2013 she presented her Master’s Degree Final Project in Inclusive Education: Learning and Creation Adrift: the Mussol Experience, in which she presented her first lines of research into the pedagogical dimension of walking adrift as an aesthetic practice. From this moment on, her main line of research, both at an artistic and an academic level, begins to take shape around the practice of walking and live arts, focusing her doctorate on the study of bridges of communication between street arts and outdoor educational processes.
Professor of the subject Arts and Community in the Master’s Degree in Street Arts at the University of Lleida and Fira Tàrrega, in recent years she has also collaborated as a teacher and facilitator in various training proposals of the same Fair. In 2012, together with the visual artist Jordi Lafon, she founded Deriva Mussol, a proposal that invites to walk adrift as an opportunity to generate and share learning and creation processes, which is part of the Vivero Project of AC Vic, Centre d’Arts Contemporànies. She writes, directs or performs pieces for her project Virginia Fochs and for other artists or companies. Instability, improvisation and movement are elements with which she feels comfortable and which accompany her constantly in a dialogue that moves between an introspective process of searching for her origins and another with a marked interest in social and community practices.

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