Eugenie Kuffler (Baltimore, Maryland, USA, 1949). In 1967 she emigrated to Paris where sh studied music with Nadia Boulanger, Max Deutsch and Henri Dutilleux, flute with Gaston Crunelle in his Paris Conservatory Foreign Class and privately with Alain Marion. In 1970 she joined the GERM (Groupe d’études et de réalisation musicales) –action-music at the Vieille Grille, recordings for the ORTF and Radio Berne, concerts in Paris and Bienne, Switzerland. From 1973 to1975 she studied electro acoustical composition with Pierre Schaeffer and Guy Reibel at their GRM – Paris Conservatory class. In 1973 she and Philippe Drogoz co-founded the contemporary cabaret ensemble 010 – music for the film Un Homme Qui Dort, Georges Perec and Bernard Queysanne, Prix Jean Vigo 1974; Lady Piccolo et le violon fantôme, Festival d’Avignon 1976… and she made a live solo radio piece – Femmes seules, femmes des ombres, for France Musique 1977. In 1978-1979 she worked with Jack Vidal for the contemporary music radio series Qui dit quoi à qui?, GRM-France Musique.

In 1980 she opened the door inward – icara nightJournal (automatic speech and movement, lights, tape), Iris for a singing luminous body, from moon to water, a guide to terrestrial reintegration, Biennale de Paris 1982; a triptych performed again at the Symposium d’ArtPerformance de Lyon 1983 ; Frauen in der Avantegarde, Vienna 1983 and Hamburger Frauenwoche 1983. In 1982 she and Syn Guérin realized the radio piece J/E a montage of texts from the Lesbian Body by Monique Wittig, France Culture 1983. In 1995 with four women she founded Hot Chills, an ensemble specialized in combining written and improvised contemporary music, folk & jazz –Par les temps qui courent…, CD 1998. In 2000 I assembled Conexión Habana – 8 Cuban comedians, dancers and musicians plus herself. Together they performed 6 chapters of Etno Poesía Cuba in El Gran Teatro de la Habana and in the minuscule Casa de la Comedia. In 2007 Joan Casellas invited her to the performance festival La Muga Caula – music-sculpture! From there she continued on to Accion!MAD, Madrid 2008; ArtContact, Helsinki 2008 and Gerona, FEM_10. In 2015 she joined Les Toboggans Poétiques, action-poet-anarchists, cabarets in Paris Bars. In the summers she plays with the Woods Hole Folk Orchestra for the monthly contra dance, playing tunes like Possum up a Gum Tree, Aunt Mary’s Canadian Jig…She is currently rehearsing with 4 other musicians for the jazz-ethno-contemporary recital Blue Harlem – music by Bessie Smith, Skip James, Odudúa and Kuffler. To be performed as soon as the clubs reopen!


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2014 Madremanya at RESAD, Madrid