Danielle Van Vree

Danielle Van Vree (1969, Den Haag, Netherlands) is an artist based in Amsterdam. Her work consists of performances and videos. In 1995 she graduated from the theater school in Amsterdam, after which she worked both as a director and performer. In 2003 and 2004, she attended two working periods at the Rijksakademie. Her works often take place outside the regular art spaces and are strongly site-specific. She enters into dialogue with the world around her, particularly in public spaces. As an artist she moves between all kinds of disciplines in search for her own language. Research, interviewing, writing and drawing are an important part of her work process.
Transparency and dialogue with the viewer are essential to her work. Since 2015 she has worked on various projects based on her fascination for the themes Time, Presence and Space, in which she researches the “relationship to the other” and the stories we share in it. Her desire to connect with the other is the motivation from which she works. Her work depicts the possibility / impossibility of contact with the other and also our limitations therein. Her approach is physical and philosophical and offers the viewer a concept with a space to reflect. She uses sound, text, video and objects as a means to create a “double image” and to question the relationship and space between subject and object; intimate and distant at the same time.
Over the past 25 years her work has been exhibited, performed and taught in a national and international context. Since 2002 she has been artistic director of Stichting Ansicht.


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