Clara Garí

Clara Garí is an artist, a researcher, an art curator and a cultural manager. She is the co-founder and director of the Contemporary Art Centre, Nau Côclea, and of the walking programme the Grand Tour. She unites the work in cultural management and art practice with the freedom to go beyond the professional boundaries. She has curated many exhibitions, although she doesn’t believe in exhibitions anymore, and she has directed interdisciplinary performing arts programmes.  Clara is Associate Lecturer on the Master’s Degree in Cultural Management at the Open University of Catalunya (UOC). For the last 15 years she has also co-directed the educational project Shantidhara Pillalu in Chimallapali, Andhra Pradesh in India. She is a member of the performance collective Corpologia. She regularly collaborates with several international journals on issues of live arts, walking art, art and community, art and education and new artistic behaviors.


Image: Clara Garí cooking at the la Muga Caula Meeting (2017).

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