Christine Haase

Christine Haase (Germany, 1981)  is an artist as well as an art teacher based in Berlin, Germany. She has been involved with developing research projects on various topics in field of art and science (consciousness research) as well as teaching art. In 2003 she began to explore language, its sounds and visualization and this led her to make performative actions.  In these performances she often dealt with the inner female aspects of gesture, ‘tasks’ or ordinary clothing to transform an image into something different. Parallel to her interest in scientific research, Christine began to focus on interdisciplinary art pedagogy concepts for workshops with kids in social focal points. In 2014, she gave birth to a daughter and lost her partner almost at the same time to cancer. After a break and a mental sorting-out, she is currently working in a youth cultural center in Berlin, where she has developed and built up a ‘performing arts’ area offering different creative formats/concepts for kids, teenagers and young adults. The idea is to create an interdisciplinary space where exchange and exploration can take place. Whenever possible she exposes her body to nature in different climatic situations. In dialogue with her daughter she is creating a kids book about dying according to her questions and images.


Image: Christine Haase. Fish, video performance (2020)


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