Carlos Pina, performer, musician, visual artist and independent art organizer. He has presented his work in many festivals in Europe, Asia and America.

“My work is articulated around the politicization of own life. Therapy, the immediate environment, personal and collective memory, the global historical and geopolitical framework or the political construction of the body are themes that I have approached from the perspective of performance, but also through installation and visual poetry. The eminently political character of my performances rests above all, on the discourse accompanied by the creation or manipulation of objects and environments, all of which are essential elements in my work. The objects constructed during my actions acquire a performative function, they become signified and signifier, integrated through discourse and action.”


“In my performances I never pretend to speak only about myself, because there is always an identification with and in others. Links of coincidence and complicity are established through shared experiences or ideas. What I would like to highlight is the reaction of the audience, which has oscillated between the discovery of a reality unknown until then by some and the mutual recognition within a reality shared by many others.”


Image: Constructes. Photographer: Elisabet Mabres


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