Carles Hac Mor

In the biographical note of Carles Hac Mor’s books, we often find that he describes himself as ‘an infrapoet who doesn’t cultivate a literary genre of biography or a subgenre of curriculum. He cultivated genres of personal invention, such as escalaborn, paraparemia, and hyposeptimism. From 1973 to 1975 he practiced conceptual art with the Grup de Treball. During the 70s and 80s he co-founded the art and poetry magazines Tecstual, Ampit and L’avioneta, and promoted others. He collaborated in cinematographic productions and in numerous magazines, as well as in the newspapers El País, the Diari de Barcelona, ​​the Diari Avui, among others. He won the Espais Prize for Art Criticism in 1988 and the Joan Fuster Prize for essays in 1998 and wrote hundreds of texts for exhibition catalogs and he made artistic actions. He published translations into Catalan of Arthur Cravan and together with Ester Xargay, books by Gilbert Lascault, Pic Adrian, Blaise Pascal, Raymond Queneau, Tzvetan Todorov and others. He published about sixty books during his lifetime, mostly poetry, but also two essays and two novels. Jordi Marrugat has published an essay entitled: “The revolution as the origin of the writings of Carles Hac Mor and the writings of Carles Hac Mor as the origin of the revolution”. In 2016, the EFTA awarded the 16th Jaume Fuster Prize to Carles Hac Mor posthumously. Two volumes of his complete work “Obra completa punt u” and “Obra completa punt dos” have been published by Pagès Editors and consist of five volumes.

Photographer: Ester Xargay

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