Brenda Cleniuk was a Canadian curator, artist, and art administrator who served as Director of Neutral Ground Contemporary Art Forum in Regina, Saskatchewan. Cleniuk worked with Neutral Ground for 26 years, from 1991-2017. Neutral Ground was founded in 1982 and has hosted over 600 exhibitions of established and emerging artists. In 1996 she co-founded Soil, a Digital Media Suite to provide technological resources and other services for digital media artists, undertaking residencies and commissions some in partnership with Queer City Cinema and Videographe. In 2008 she won the Mayor’s Arts and Business Award for Excellence in Arts Management. Cleniuk was connected to the new media art scene internationally. Her interest in new media art was focused on the interrelationship between technology and the body; the nature of networked technologies; and “how could be used for the betterment of the imagination and its use in concept formation, identity, revelation, and the interrelationships between culturally disparate groups.”


Image: Brenda Clenuik in the performance by Robin Poitras at FEM. Photographer: Ana Rita Rodrigues



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