Bernadette Hopkins

Bernadette Hopkins (NIR) is a visual, performance and participatory artist. She was born in Belfast, N.Ireland and grew up there during ‘the troubles’ working as a nurse in her late teens and early 20’s taking care of the injured. This experience led to studying human rights and politics alongside her art practice. Since 1982, she has lived and worked in Milan, Dublin and Co.Donegal, where she has been living for 20 years. She has a Masters in Social Practice Art and BA in Fine Art and Painting. Bernadette explores contested spaces and ecology within her lived landscapes, articulating the unheard voice in the relationship between Self and Other. The bodily human edge influences her art processes, viewing the skin as border and boundary which seeks respect of the other. Her work is an invitation to a conversation developed with art methodology, research and meditation through multimedia, performance art and collaborative practices. She researched and wrote ‘A Donegal Framework Document for Intercultural Art and Culture’, commissioned and published by Donegal, Mayo and South County Dublin Art Councils and has co-founded artist collaborations Wild Swans, Cuislí , Utopia Ducks and Art of Resistance. She curates Radical ReThink Conversations in Contemporary Art at the Regional Cultural Centre, Co. Donegal. Recent collaborative performances include ‘Forgotten Places’ by Wild Swans Artists in collaboration with Gresol Art Spain and with Bbeyond Performance Art Belfast.


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