Barbara Le Béguec Friedman

Barbara Le Béguec-Friedman (France, 1982) is an artist based in Ponteilla, France. In 2005, she started exploring the dialogue between inner and outer landscapes through mediums such as drawing, video, sound, installation and photography.From 2010 to 2017 she focuses her research on the confrontation with otherness and works in binomial, under the name RED BIND.Her work on subjects such as: the social carcass, relationships, codes, gender, identity, status and the image of women have led her to question the idea of labeling and the permeability or impermeability of the boxes in which we try to evolve. While continuing her reflections, she has been working since 2017 on the idea of “the border as a meeting point”. By launching the BAM project – Art Place at Home – in the village of Ponteilla, in France near the Spanish border. Through this initiative, she participates in the organization of independent Art events about Action Art, Performance Art and Visual Arts. She recently presented her work during the Festival Internacional de Performance Corpórea 2020 (Zacatecas, México), the First International Performance Triennial DEFORMES 2020 (Chili) and the ПЕРФОМАНС sympozium in Lviv (Ukraine). She participated in the Rencontre d’Art Performance #5, Espace o25rjj, Loupian (France) in 2019; the International Multimedia Art Festival, IMAF, NoviSad(Serbia) in 2013, 2015 and 2019; at the 1st MHPAB Morni Hills Biennial of Performance Art, Kurukshetra & Chandigarh (India) in 2016; at the 15th International Performance Art Festival OPEN and at the international performance art tour ARTNOW LiveTour| from Beijing to AnYang, Beijing (China); at the MPA-B 2012 & 2015| Performance Art Month – Berlin and at the 23rd International Young Theatre Week| ARENA. …des jeunes Arts, Erlangen (Germany); AVAF 2013|Athens Video Art Festival, Athens (Greece); the Lower Polk Art Walk, San Francisco (USA); AFIAC 2015 ‘Des artistes chez l’habitant’ 16th edition – In partnership with LES ABATTOIRS / FRAC Midi-Pyrénées, Fiac (France) and the NUIT BLANCHE 2013 | 5th edition of the FRASQ, Paris (France).


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