Asunción + Guasch

ASUNCIÓN + GUASCH are Josep Asunción (Barcelona 1963) and Gemma Guasch (Barcelona 1966). They work in tandem, exploring the limits and potential of creative duality. The body of their work is ample and complex, including multiple performative and visual creations: painting — which they consider their mother tongue, and with which they maintain a continued practice, both individually and in collective; photography, video, object, installation, performance, poetry… Many of their pieces are performances and imply the participative reaction of others; especially in the public art projects, that incorporate other agents in collaborative artists practices.
They work in a processual way. Their artwork must be understood as an organic body, a compound of units and relationships that emerge along the way, from routines, biographical experiences and their affectation. Their methodology is based on active listening. Through focalization, or employing emptying strategies, they make a new piece emerge in the form of oracle, capable of generating experiences. The collective aspect is an important part of their creative process; they see it as an agora, a place to promote the transforming ability that creativity has on the individual in the social body. Their public art projects and participative performances can be understood in this collective space, as can their long term experience in teaching and their publications.

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