Anna Subirana

Anna Subirana (Catalonia) is a singer, improviser and music therapist. She has collaborated with musicians, dancers, visual artists, actors and actresses, puppeteers and poets and has performed in the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Germany, Austria, Brazil and Spain. She is currently participating in the voice improvisation project “Criptoginia” with Celeste Arias and Joana Gomila. She is also a contemporary improviser with musicians such as: Nuno Rebello, Albert Cirera, Míriam Félix, Tom Chant, Ilona Shneider, Eduard Altaba, Rafa Zaragoza, Ramon Solé, among others. Her latest creations are: Instants-Wislawa Szymborska, with the trio Kórnik (Poetic-Visual Concert), Gost, la Mercè (Concert of light and shadows). She has formed part of groups such as: Araki with Joan Saura, the Barcelona Improvisers Orchestra (IBA), Afluent Jazz Band, Trans-fugues with Lacónica (Serra d’Or Award 2000) and Stupendams (Radio 4 Award and the Cope) having made CDs and recordings. She is a voice teacher in the postgraduate course in integrative body work at INEM. She has also taught at the Master of Art Therapy at UVic / AEC, at the Institut del Teatre de Terrassa, and at the Center for Film Studies of Catalonia. As a therapist, she co-created the show “Quina hora es ahora ? ” at the Bellvitge Hospital in Barcelona and “Entra” with Constanza Brznic and participated in the VINCLES project (accompanying parents of premature children at the Mutua Hospital in Terrassa. She has worked with residents of geriatric centers and homeless people at the Arrels Foundation.


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