Angie Bonino

Angie Bonino is of Peruvian and Italian nationality. She lives and works in Lima – Peru and is a multidisciplinary pioneer artist in art with new media in Peru, using in her production: video, performance, installation, net art, virtual reality, augmented reality, sound, painting, drawings, engraving, sculpture, photography, drawing, poetry, narrative, etc. She studied graphic design at the Toulouse Lautrec Design Institute and FAUA Faculty of Architecture of the UNI National University of Engineering. She took a degree with a specialty in painting at the National School of Fine Arts of Peru ENSABAP. In 2005 she received a scholarship for a Master in Interactive Systems in Audiovisual -Mecad – Ramón Llull University of Barcelona, ​​Spain, and then a scholarship for a Master’s degree in Computer Security – Free Software Systems, European Community 2006-2007. She completed a Master of Creative Writing in Literature at the National University Mayor de San Marcos UNMSM 2017-2018. She is a curator of art and new technologies, she has published a book on the conservation of digital archives and electronic media, edited by the Government of Bogotá – Colombia and the ART NEXUS Foundation 2012. She was the curator of the video art collecting section of the Estampa Madrid Fair (2012-2013). She is also director and curator of the VIDEOAKT Biennial that was held in Barcelona and Berlin (2008-2015). Among her latest solo exhibitions in 2019 are: The Empire of Images– A new structure of global domination, within the framework of Arco Madrid at B the Travel Brand and at the MEIAC Museo Extremadura e Iberoamericano de Arte Contemporáneo in Badajoz Spain. She is teaching at the Integrated Arts workshop for the 5th year running, at the National School of Fine Arts of Peru ENSABAP (2015-2019) and Artist’s Book (2016, 2017, 2018). Founder and administrator of ARCIETEC- Peruvian Art with science and technology- Peru. TShe teaches at the National University, Mayor de San Marcos UNMSM in Lima, Audiovisual Record and Technological Management, Film Appreciation II, Art Direction, Image Workshop, Transmedia Editing and Narrative, Animation, and Big Data for Communications Masters, etc …

Photographer: Wendy Vega


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