Performance artist, curator and networker. Andrea Saemann (Switzerland) loves working within movements and platforms initiated by artists themselves. From 1997-2000 she organized the artist run space called «Kaskadenkondensator» in Basel. From 2002 to 2012, she developed a tool to activate performance art history with a project called «Performance Saga – interviews, performances, events», relating to the women pioneers of the first years of the art form. From 2011 to 2017 she coordinated the Swiss Performance Art Award. In 2014 she cofounded the association PANCH, a professional network for performance artists. Since 2014 she curates the «International Performance Art Giswil», an annual performance art festival in the middle of the Swiss mountains and takes care of the platform, which fosters and collects texts about performance art works.

“In my own performance art work, the central focus lies on language, especially the spoken word. Stories and their relation to written history, voice in relation to thinking, words in body and space.


Photograph: Manifesto Reflex Collective: Shift the Manifesto, Swiss Performance Art Award 2019, Kunsthaus Aarau. Performers: Lysann König, Chris Regn, Fränzi Madörin, Andrea Saemann, Dorothea Schürch, Iris Ganz, Dorothea Mildenberger, Sibylle Hauert, Monika Dillier, Muda Mathis, Barbara Naegelin, Sus Zwick

Photographer: Emmanuelle Bayart
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2014 Madremanya at RESAD, Madrid