Ana Maeso is a professor of Art Education at the University of Almería. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts (2010) and a Master’s Degree in Visual Arts and Education. A constructionist approach (2011) from the University of Granada, and PhD from the University of Seville with the doctoral thesis “The political-social dimension of action art and its impact on pedagogical environments. Focus and performative practices as an educational resource”. She is currently a member of the research group ECAV. Education and Audiovisual Culture (HUM401), and member of the Communiars collective. Her interests lie in the relationship between performance art, performance studies and performativity, specifically on its potential in educational environments. She has participated as a performer in national and international meetings such as FEM_12, 9th International Meeting of Women Performance Artists (Girona, 2012); IPA Summer 2012, participating in the IPA Platform Young Performance Artist Festival (Istanbul, 2012); or Miradas de Mujeres (MAV) (Archidona, 2013).

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