Ana Gesto (Santiago, 1978) studied Fine Arts at the University of Vigo (2003-2008) and at San Carles de Valencia with the Sicue / Seneca stock exchange. Awarded a scholarship from the SUG for further studies (2009-2010). She was a member of the research group “Resistance and Materialization” at the University of Vigo from 2008 to 2011. She has taught live art and visual arts workshops in various galleries, museums and schools. She has performed in live art events and participated in individual and group exhibitions at a national and international level, such as; Art d’Acción (Valencia, 2009), Resistence and Materialization UPV / EHU (Bilbao, Spain 2010), Epipiderme (Lisbon, 2011) Line Up Acción (Coimbra, Portugal 2011), Acción! MAD11 (Madrid 2011), FEM Corpologia (Girona-Spain, 2012) Gallery Działań (Warsaw 2012) XIV INTERAKCJE 2012 (Poland), Hydra. Küntlerforum Boon, (Germany 2013), Feminist Corporations in Spain (Costa Rica 2014), Archeologies of the intimate (León 2014, Spain), Women: artistic territories of resistance. La Nau, (Valencia 2014), La Muga Caula (Catalonia, 2015), Alén dos xéneros MARCO from (Vigo and Santiago 2017), Eschangue. Exchange Live Art (Salamanca 2018), among others. Recently she has shown in Mulleres in action: Zero Violence. Collective action with Ana Matey, Isabel Leon Guzman, María Marticorena and performed at the Pao Festival 2019. ROM Kunst + Arkitektur (Oslo-Norway 2019). She is currently participating in the Camiños Incertos collective exhibition at the Camilo José Cela Foundation and in other projects in process. As a performer and visual artist, she develops her work around cultural and social practices that have a strong identity content, and in which the essential process is resolved through the presence, space and materiality of objects and their sounds. She often uses sculpture to experiment with language and acoustics. She works with transmuted objects of important symbolic value and with the sounds that are produced in the process of handling them. She incorporates a neutral nature of space in her actions and on some occasions, interacts with the audience.


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