Adelaide Maresca

Adelaide Maresca (Naples, Italy 1981) is performer, art historian and life painting model. As an art historian she adopts performance as a weapon of integration, investigating collective cohesion through landscape. She considers the performer as a maker of new landscapes without places, a founder of corporeal, cultural and social landscapes. In her work she investigates myth, legend and ritual, in order to recover and disseminate cultural heritage. She believes in the corporeal landscape as the discovery of a new territory, which comes to life from the fusion of the artist’s bodily space with the environment. This space generates a place without place, an absolutely other space that allows the artist to transform her utopias in reality. A visual demonstration of these ideas can be found in the work Palmera with Monica Gunter, TEM, Teatro Musical (Valencia,2016), Tejer con Seijii Shimoda, TEM, Teatro Musical (Valencia,2018), Dona d’ aigua and Procesión de la naturaleza, Festival Muga Caula (Les Escaules, Catalonia 2018), Tribù with Nieve Correa, Acción MAD (Asturias, 2018), La Reina Giovanna (2018) and Las Sirenas de Ulisses, at the Baths of Queen Johanna, Municipality of Sorrento (Naples, 2019). She has participated in the action Ausencia by Allora and Calzadilla, Tapies Foundation (Catalonia, 2018).
She is concerned with the spectator and questions ways of looking at the work. This is a reason that she has created The Spectator’s Manual and several performances on this subject in collaboration with Carles Hac Mor, such as Dilluns de Poesía con Sopa de Letras, Arte Santa Monica (Barcelona 2014), Oracle Amable at the Festival de la Muga Caula (Les Escaules, Catalunya 2015), La Lupa en Corpología n.20 (Celrà, 2015). She takes off her historian’s clothing with the aim of taking a 360 degree view on art and for that reason she transforms herself into a spectator, performer and subject of oil painting or sculpture (Workshops in Naples and Florence, 2009, Alberto Carroggio’s painting workshop, Centro San Lluc, Catalunya 2018/2020.
She has worked as a researcher and archivist of Salvador Dalí’s works at the Theatre-Museum in Figueres, expanding her degree thesis on 20th Century Theatre and Performance. Currently her academic work is centred on her PhD in Art History at the UB in Barcelona; The Study of the Claims of Carthusian Female Spaces Between the Kingdom of Naples and the Spanish Crown in the Modern Period. She is the author of several books; El Filosa Mai Visto (2017), La Natura Incorpórea del Filosa, Pittore de la I e II Riforma Cattolica (2021 in publication) and of different texts on 18th century painting in Naples for the Vanvitelli University of Naples ( 2021) and the Complutense University of Madrid (2019).

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