Ada Vilaró (Catalunya) is a director, actress, performer and a unique multidisciplinary artist. She created and directs the Escena Poblenou Contemporary Creation Festival and the Itinerancies Festival.  After several years working in the public space, where she often generated staged events to give voice to silenced groups, she has returned to the interior space of the stage with the theatre work ‘360 grams’. Selected works of hers are: Pas per la Pau (Fira Mediterrània, 2018) or UrGentestimar (inauguration of Fira Tàrrega, 2017), Public Present 24 Hours, a durational work  in which the artist lives in silence for 24 hours in a public space. She has participated in numerous ‘corpologias’ as a performer and is also a member of the group of women performers ‘Ocells al Cap /Birds in the Head’. She is currently touring Catalonia and Spain with the show “360grams” that was premiered at the TNT Festival 2019. She was the selected artist for the “Hivernem” 2020 program, selected by the Fira Tàrrega and the Ramón Llull Institute. In 2015 she received the Medal of Honor from the City of Barcelona for her work as director of the Festival of Contempoary Creation Escena Poblenou, and with this same project in 2014 she was awarde the FAD Sebastià Gasch awards for paratheatrical arts.

In the words of Aída Pallarés, ‘Ada Vilaró, in my opinion, is one of the most interesting artists in the country. Honest, brave, tireless.’

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