Acción!MAD is an independent platform that works to support the creation, dissemination and promotion of Action/Live Art and Performance.

Among its lines of action, Acción!MAD:

Promotes the organization of Encounters, Festivals and Exhibitions both nationally and internationally.

Conceptualizes and develops programmes of educational activities, seminars, courses and workshops.

Disseminates the creation around Action/Live Art and Performance through publications, audiovisual resources and international professional collaboration networks.

It advises and formulates studies for public and private entities.


From 2003 until 2019 Acción!MAD organized the annual, influential and renowned International Action/Live Art Meetings, held in different venues every November and in collaboration with many institutions, collectives and artists.


Acción!MAD: does not have its own space and develops its projects in collaboration with public and private institutions and cultural agents.


Acción!MAD Association
Carretera de Soria, 10 – block 1 – 1 B,
40160 Torrecaballeros / Segovia – Spain

Tel.: (00-34) 921 40 10 10 87 / Mobile: (00-34) 605 59 49 45

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